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Re: [equinox-dev] Equinox Aspects: Reworked website, quick-start guide and Hello world! demo

Possible solutions:
- graduate
- lower the version numbers

In either case there will need to be a review if there is going to be a "release". You could avoid a review if the version number is lowered AND the event is rephrased as a milestone.

As for dealing with the past, well, dropping the version numbers would certainly cause some confusion. Graduation would retain the version number sequence but we'd have to have a discussion in the wider community to see if graduation is warranted (I have no evidence either way at this point).

I'm certainly open to alternatives.

Martin Lippert wrote:

Thanks Bjorn and Jeff for the clarification!

Now the question arises how we should deal with upcoming releases of equinox aspects while being in incubation... ;-)

Since we published releases with versions 1.x I am not sure what the best way is to move on. We mentioned the incubation within the bundle names and download zips (according to the guidelines I hope). Should we go back to versions 0.x with the next releases (with some explanations to avoid confusion)?


Bjorn Freeman-Benson wrote:
The policy that we've been following/enforcing is that a project in incubation must have releases < 1.0 and that projects out of incubation have releases >= 1.0. I apologize that this is not clearly written.

Jeff McAffer wrote:
In any event, Bjorn (cc'd) would certainly know if there is an actual policy on this.


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