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Re: [equinox-dev] Question regarding class loader and getPackages()

2008/6/2 BJ Hargrave <hargrave@xxxxxxxxxx>:

> 1.  The call is not overridden in the Equinox classloader, so the
> default implementation in java.lang.ClassLoader is used.  Hence,
> only the bundle's own packages, and the system packages are returned.

I don't think imported packages should be listed since they are imported from other bundles.

Does it matter which bundles the packages come from?  From the client of the classloader, I would have thought this should be transparent, i.e. that it returns all packages that are visible through this classloader.  From the javadoc for java.lang.ClassLoader.getPackages():  "Returns all of the Packages defined by this class loader and its ancestors".  In an OSGi environment, wouldn't it be natural to include classloaders from bundles depended on as well?

Anyway, is this a question better suited for osgi-dev instead of this list?