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Re: [equinox-dev] How to use p2.generator in PDE build

On Tue, 2008-05-27 at 13:10 +0200, Torkild UlvÃy Resheim wrote:
> Ad notam,
> > 
> > Both the features and plugins folders in the generated repository folder
> > seem to contain all features and plug-ins. The artifacts.xml and
> > content.xml also look OK, and the binary folder contains launchers for
> > both Windows and Linux which is as expected.
> > 
> > So it seems that my problem is incorrect options to the director. I've
> > been playing around but I'm still unable to install using my generated
> > repository.
> When using the provisioning agent (installation program), I'm unable
> install using the given repository because of a large number of
> unresolved dependencies. Most of features requested should be available
> but the following does not exist:
> requiredCapability:
> toolingcom.atmel.avr32.ide/com.atmel.avr32.ide.launcher/[0.0.0,0.0.0]
> requiredCapability:
> toolingcom.atmel.avr32.ide/com.atmel.avr32.ide.ini/[0.0.0,0.0.0]
> requiredCapability:
> toolingcom.atmel.avr32.ide/com.atmel.avr32.ide.config/[0.0.0,0.0.0]
> It seems to me that something is missing from by product configuration.
> Any ideas on what that could be?
After adjusting my product configuration; specified a product version
and removed org.eclipse.cdt.util which had a bad dependency; then
created a new profile in the installation program I actually managed to
install a working product :-D. I still have a few questions though:

* I guess i need to create a new profile to specify for the director. Is
this required?
* The p2 "Software Updates and Add-ons" shows no sites. What can I do to
remedy this?