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[equinox-dev] Is the P2 installer supposed to work?

I only ask because I downloaded the installer from:


and when running it, it doesn't install the SDK as the documentation suggests:


* Get the installer for your platform from the equinox download page.
* Unzip the installer anywhere on your local disk
* Run the "p2installer" executable
* In the install wizard, select where you want to install the software

Shows a dialog with "Where do you want to install null?"

I had a look at the p2installer.ini:


No mention of the org.eclipse.equinox.p2.installDescription that the
page suggests it looks for. I try adding it, and get a new message
saying the error is invalid. That's maybe because the URL that that
page points to is invalid:

- 404 not found

* When finished, you can delete the installer

I deleted it. At least that worked ...