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Re: [equinox-dev] update site tests pass AND linux + .keyring file question

I think you may be referring to the certificate store problem when using OpenJDK.  The capsule summary is that Equinox Security is looking in a particular location for the JRE's "cacerts" file that lists the known trusted certificate roots. OpenJDK was storing this cacerts file in a different place, so Equinox Security did not find it, and thus all certificates appeared to be untrusted.  I believe the OpenJDK is fixing this on their side, so that Equinox Security will correctly find the cacerts file. I can't recall if the solution involved just moving the file to a different location, or setting some system property to allow the file to be found. Does this sound like the issue you are referring to?


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[equinox-dev] update site tests pass AND linux + .keyring file        question

Hi all,

As promised during the p2 dev call, we've run our update site tests and are happy to
announce that everything passed!

During the p2 dev call there was talk of linux + .keyring failures and a recent solution.
 Can anybody jump in an fill in the details for us?

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