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RE: [equinox-dev] New version of Equinox quits upon bundle error

Thank you, Tom,

What would the bug be, then? "Running in console requires
org.eclipse.equinox.core.runtime"? It is my understanding that only the osgi
package should be required.

BTW, when I add the -noExit option, I get an error (Unrecognized option). Is
that really a valid option?


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Please open a bug if you think you have found a regression. In the bug
report please give steps to reproduce. Thanks.

If you launch with the option command line option -noExit that should help
keep the framework running when the application fails.


"David Leangen" ---05/01/2008 02:30:03 AM---Hello!

"David Leangen" <osgi@xxxxxxxxxxx>


05/01/2008 02:30 AM

[equinox-dev] New version of Equinox quits upon bundle error


I recently updated to 3.4M6, which IIUC is the most recent release.

I run my apps in the Eclipse console because it is great for debugging.
However, with this version, when one of my bundles has an error, everything
shuts down with a message "The Application could not start...".

How can I get the console to work like before and just run with the
erroneous bundles in a RESOLVED state so I can debug the problems?

BTW, the error logs are complaining that I need
org.eclipse.equinox.core.runtime installed. I don't mind installing one
bundle, but that bundle has lots of dependencies that I don't want.

I never needed this before... so what's changed?

Thank you!

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