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[equinox-dev] p2 test plan, help wanted!

I've just done some reorg and updating of the p2 test plan at

I'd like to invite the community to help us in tomorrow's test pass, even if and especially if you've not tried p2 before.
Now that the p2 UI is simply part of the default SDK, there's no magic involved in testing. Just open the Help>Software Updates... dialog and see if you can make sense of it. Bugs should be opened against Equinox, p2 component.

We are in feature freeze, so we will mostly be fixing bugs, but your feature requests and suggestions will certainly be considered after 3.4. (This is my way of saying that if I quickly defer a bug you spent some time writing, it doesn't mean I don't care about it, and we do appreciate all suggestions even if we can't respond to them right away.)

So as not to scare off new testers, I listed the UI Tests first in the plan. The Core tests are currently aimed more at the advanced user community.

In the "Who, what platform" list, I have assigned each tester a user group A, B, or C. This is simply to ensure that we have people running in different modes for automatic updating, viewing available software, etc. Please set up your environment according to the instructions for your user group. If you are helping us test and aren't in the list of testers, please add yourself to the list on the wiki and assign yourself a group. Some of the tests will have you switch settings or preferences, but in general try to switch back to the settings for your group. Not every test has different results for each group, but at least more code paths are covered this way.

I was not too specific about which update sites you should be trying/using. I wanted to get a cross-section of people's favorite sites rather than have us all testing the same handful of sites.

**The test plan includes some places for you to annotate the plan with sites that you tried, and other information.**
This is my way of tracking who is really making it through the tests......

- can someone generate a "fake update" for the SDK test candidate build so that we have something to update for the update tests? Please update the wiki to point to its location. I'm assuming someone may be able to get to this before I start my day on the west coast...
- I don't have any test cases for user authentication or certificate management...Tim? John?