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RE: [equinox-dev] Equinox IP log

Thanks John, this is a good start.  I wonder if there is something we can harvest from the Orbit IP log structure.  DJ?  Thoughts?


It would be generally useful to have the CQ numbers associated with the third party code.


One important not is that I believe we have a policy about protecting email addresses.  We went through this in Orbit where the decision was to not include them.  DJ, do you recall anything about this?  Either way, unless there is a compelling reason to include them they should be removed.




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FYI, I have committed an initial Equinox IP log:


We had initially started with a separate IP log per component, but as I started to update them I found it painful to track the committer lists separately so I combined them. Also there is only one IP log URL that can be linked from http://eclipse.org/projects/listofprojects.php.  The third party software list is not yet complete, and I have not processed all the p2 contributions since p2 graduation.  Can all committers quickly scan the committer list and ensure they are listed, and their login, organization, and email addresses are correct? I believe we only need to record committers who contributed to the 3.4 release - this excludes people who committed only to the incubator project, and those who only committed prior to the 3.3 release (someone please correct me if this is wrong).