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[equinox-dev] [prov] p2 build contribution

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 97100. <discovery> element with type="web" should not be used as a
update site (WONTFIX)
+ Bug 203760. [prov] [repo] ensure URLs are properly encoded (NEW)
+ Bug 204177. [ui] Should have a refresh action in available features page
+ Bug 204347. [prov] Extension to the PDE Target provisioner (FIXED)
+ Bug 215927. [prov] Authentication upon connection (FIXED)
+ Bug 216028. [ui] Available IU view enhancements (NEW)
+ Bug 216029. [prov] [ui] Installed IU view enhancements (FIXED)
+ Bug 217093. [prov] Cleanup of SimpleMetadataRepositoryFactory's cache
when repository is removed (FIXED)
+ Bug 218186. [prov] [ui] update progress dialogues have workbench as
parent (FIXED)
+ Bug 219888. [ui] - "Other" category shows up even if empty (FIXED)
+ Bug 220554. Support associateSitesURL in UM repository (FIXED)
+ Bug 221087. [ui] Size dialog seems to create a new plan (FIXED)
+ Bug 221412. Remove "verify" attribute on SimpleArtifactRepository (FIXED)
+ Bug 221434. [um] installing from an old update site download plugins and
features in the wrong place (FIXED)
+ Bug 221710. Add links to Native touchpoint (FIXED)
+ Bug 222445. Move extensionlocation repo implementation (FIXED)
+ Bug 222565. Strings need to be externalized (NEW)
+ Bug 222621. Metadata generation for chmod and ln actions (NEW)
+ Bug 223095. Metadata generator should consider features for plugin shape
+ Bug 223447. [ui] check for update button disabled after click and unclick
+ Bug 224241. [ui] - Enable revert for M7 (NEW)
+ Bug 224244. [reconciler] Problems when removing higher version of
singleton bundle (FIXED)
+ Bug 224482. [reconciler] Need to watch the platform.xml (NEW)
+ Bug 224710. Need to better handle problem files on server (NEW)
+ Bug 225054. platform.xml location issues with spaces in path (FIXED)
+ Bug 225634. Excessive flushing when writing using XMLWriter (FIXED)
+ Bug 226041. MirrorSelector constructor doesn't handle spaces well (FIXED)
+ Bug 226095. [ui] ProvisionAdminUI fails to display profiles (FIXED)
+ Bug 226116. [ui] cleanup unused messages (FIXED)
+ Bug 226129. missing legal files in p2 source bundles (FIXED)
+ Bug 226202. [shared] bundles.info not read in shared install mode (FIXED)
+ Bug 226219. Re-enable revert in planner (FIXED)
+ Bug 226344. FeatureParser doesn't close streams (FIXED)
+ Bug 226345. UpdateSite repos should only set checksum after generating
+ Bug 226507. NPE if no IServiceUI implementation is available (FIXED)
+ Bug 226528. Excessive prompting for authenticated connections (FIXED)
+ Bug 226594. Translation Clarification -
org.eclipse.equinox.p2.artifact.repository (FIXED)
+ Bug 226708. Compile errors in nightly builds (FIXED)
+ Bug 226852. director application need to change install folder when
operating on a roaming profile (FIXED)
+ Bug 226921. org.eclipse.equinox.p2.extensionlocation is missing legal
files (FIXED)
+ Bug 226927. IUProfileProperties not cleaned up when IU removed (FIXED)
+ Bug 226929. CacheManager uses URL.hashCode() (FIXED)
+ Bug 227033. IllegalArgumentException : URI is not hierarchical (FIXED)