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RE: [equinox-dev] [prov] Auto installing touchpoint

I guess it comes to whether people are in a hurry for it or not. Why not
just follow the regular contribution process and get it into the
mainstream? Incubators are for new ideas that need soak time and eyes to
see if their any good. I'm not so worried about this one.

The way I've implemented the untar action it is trivial, but it misses
the point. I shouldn't have to change the Native touchpoint to add in
new actions. I'll put together a proposal with a patch and set up a bug.
But this will likely have to wait for a few weeks, but then everyone
should be busy finishing off 3.4.


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> I'm not a big incubator kind-a guy so I'll probably wait for the 3.5 
> stream to open up to work on this. In the meantime I've cloned the 
> native touchpoint and added the Apache code and my untar action in.

Not sure how to interpret this.  Contributing it to the incubator is not
a large overhead.  Open a bug report and attach the code.  You need to
take some action with respect to the cloned EPL code anyway.  This is
even easier...


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