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RE: [equinox-dev] [prov] Participation opportunity

Don't get me wrong, looking forward to what p2 can be is great and the
enthusiasm for the p2 direction has been quite overwhelming.  The immediate
issue however is shipping 1.0 in Ganymede.  The p2 team's hands are more
than full doing that.  Any help people can supply from bug triage to doc to
the sort of high value items Pascal outlined would go a long way to
realizing the goals of p2 and paving the way for those future ideas (wow,
that was almost poetic...).  You get the idea.


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> Hi Jeff,
> Jeff McAffer wrote:
> > While we are all loving each other I feel obliged to say that the
> focus of
> > this call to action was (I believe) helping p2 *ship in 3.4* with a
> > reasonable function level.
> It wasn't apparent to me that the original participation solicitation
> was scoped to be 'helping p2 ship in 3.4'...but if that's the intention
> then that's cool.
> Scott
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