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RE: [equinox-dev] Secure Storage Javadoc Gotchas

Hi Martin,
Thank you, my pleasure.

> Runtime option for password: IMHO this is a no-no because simple ps -ef on Linux will show the commandline that was used for launching Eclipse, including the plaintext passwrd. It's one of the things I've always disliked about the old Eclipse Keyring.

The way I imagine this is going to work is that "-[eclipse.]password" will not normally be used. The normal everyday functionality is covered by password providers; the option is only to be used in situation where encryption of the data is not really important. It mostly be used by scripts, tests, and such, not for normal everyday processing.

> Password recovery questions: When would those ever be used? Aren't these vulnerable to Brute Force Dictionary attacks?

The preferences page has a "Recover password" button. If user forgets the password (or if Windows module malfunctions, say due to the standalone computer being re-installed without password recovery disk) then this option could be used to recover password. It works slightly differently from a conventional password recovery - the memory cache is populated but user is not given the password directly, rather encouraged to change it.

To make it work we have two strings ("answers") provided by the user. We mush them up: "my street" and "1917" becomes "m7y1 9s1treet" and then a crypto digest of the combo is created. This process increases password strength even if original strings are dictionary words. The password is encrypted with this mush up and stored in the secure storage. (Of course, if answers are "a" and "1", no amount of processing is going to improve password quality much :-).)

Creation of password recovery is optional. It has both pluses and minuses:
 "+" it adds quite a bit of convenience;
 "-" as you say, it somewhat increases vulnerability of encrypted information to dictionary-based attacks

I think for a casual user "+" will outweigh the "-", but the important part is that it is all optional.

> Password Provider Priorities: shouldn't the user be able to move up / move down / enable / disable password providers by Preference rather than just showing the fixed priorities?
Good point. I'll see if we can add this option in M7 (time permitting). There is a way to programmatically specify preferred password provider via IProviderHints, but this might be useful too.


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RE: [equinox-dev] Secure Storage Javadoc Gotchas

Hi Oleg,
thanks for all this information. Couple of comments and further questions:  
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