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[equinox-dev] [p2] ECF bundles not up to date in M6

Howday p2'ers,

The M6 release of Eclipse/p2 seems to have used a relatively old integration build of the 4 ECF bundles (i.e. they have qualifier v20080317-0809 rather than the 20080324 integration build as I expected from this bug:


This is not tragic, but it causes us a little bit of consternation because there were some very small API additions for ECF filetransfer during the week of the 17th, and these obviously didn't get into M6 of platform.

This means that the next milestone of ECF will include these small API additions...and I wanted to let everyone know this doesn't constitute an API freeze breach...as ECF's filetransfer bundles are frozen at this point (but M6 of platform didn't get these additions during week of 24th).