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[equinox-dev] [prov] should p2 be in the RCP sdk

The RCP downloads from Eclipse have update.configurator in them.  This is convenient because that configurator automatically discovers and installs all the bundles so people getting started with RCP do not need to laboriously list out the things they need.  It is however unfortunate in the case of someone wanting to use p2 in the RCP context.  Issues

-          How do they get all the p2 bundles into their target and then into their RCP product (need a p2 feature?)

-          If I start with something that is UM based (e.g., the RCP SDK) and then add in p2, what do I have to do to make my app use p2 rather than update.configurator.


Some amount of this can be resolved in doc but there are some packaging considerations as well.


Note that in the past we have resisted putting UM in the RCP downloads in the interest of keeping RCP slim and trim.  I’m still in favour of that.  I do wonder though if we can do something with the simple configurator or directory watcher to get the net effect (auto installation of bundles) that we have now without the UM aftertaste.