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[equinox-dev] Some security classes are moving to internal.provisional packages for M6

We've decided to make a couple of our APIs for working with signed content internal.provisional. Specifically, AuthorizationEngine and related classes in org.eclipse.osgi as well as AuthorizationManager in org.eclipse.equinox.security.ui. The APIs for examining signed content will continue to be public - including SignedContent et al in org.eclipse.osgi, and the mechanism for establishing trust, TrustEngine in org.eclipse.osgi.

We currently have no known clients of the API in the security.ui or of the AuthorizationEngine in org.eclipse.osgi. At this point we are not confident enough in the API to make the necessary API contracts required for future releases. Once we have a good prototype of a consumer of AuthorizationEngine/Manager, we will feel more comfortable with establishing a public API for this function. At this point, we don't yet have the confidence to cast the API in stone.

For reference, the following classes are now internal.provisional:




We are not aware of any clients of this API and do not expect this will effect anyone on the Eclipse team. Please let us know if you have code which depends on these classes. Thanks.

The Equinox team.