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[equinox-dev] Servlet mapping

I want to reproduce this servlet installation for Blaze DS (for what is not important) inside a bundle :













In the root of my bundle, I copied the flex directory and add this code in my activator start method :


HttpServlet messageBrokerServlet = new MessageBrokerServlet();


Hashtable<String, String> initParams = new Hashtable<String, String>();

initParams.put("services.configuration.file", "/flex/services-config.xml");


httpService.registerServlet("/messagebroker/*", messageBrokerServlet, initParams, httpService.createDefaultHttpContext());


And it works!!


The problem is that I can’t access the servlet with /messagebroker/anything. I have to explicitely call /messagebroker/*. That’s the only way for my servlet to get called.


I did some tests like aliasing with « /messagebroker/*.jsp » and it worked. I can access it with /messagebroker/anything.jsp as it would work as with a classic web.xml configuration… is that a bug?