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[equinox-dev] OSGi, RMI, stubs, and Javassist



I am fairly new to OSGi and Equinox, and I am having some issues. I am working on a project that began as Java Classic and became OSGi when I needed to incorporate OSGi bundles into this project. Several capabilities that once worked in Java Classic now no longer work. In particular, I am trying to use RMI to enable communication between my OSGi app and several non-OSGi applications. However, when I try to create a Stub for this object at runtime, I get a ClassNotFoundException on the *_Stub class.


I am also experiencing problems with the ProActive library, which is a plain vanilla JAR that I manually made into an OSGi bundle. ProActive uses Javassist, a bytecode manipulator, to generate stub classes of its own. Calls within Javassist throw NoClassDefFoundException because the Javassist code uses Class.forName() which does not work properly under OSGi.


Has anyone managed to get RMI and stub generation working under RMI? What about Javassist? I can provide more information upon request.




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