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[equinox-dev] Building against specific EEs

As mentioned in the Equinox call earlier this week, I am investigating the
EE situation with our bundles and how it relates to the build. Kim and I
discussed this today and we will move forward by:

- Kim ensuring that VMs for the appropriate profiles are available in the
build (in the process of aquiring Foundation 1.1)
- downloading the eRCP XML bundles and put them in a spot so PDE/Build
knows to take them into account when compiling
- running a test build with one of our "requires XML" bundles changed to
have the correct order for the EE

If everything is ok, then we will recommend that the order of EEs in the
bundle manifests be changed to reflect the true order.

Note that this will require people to have the XML APIs available in their
workspace if they are set up with exact match VMs. We will adjust the
project set files to load Xerces or the bundles from eRCP, accordingly.

Please direct question or comments to this list.