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[equinox-dev] OSGi interaction with external Java Programs.


    I`m a new kid on the block as far as OSGi is concerned and am
picking up pieces here and there. I would like to basically understand
how an OSGi based implementation of a project, or rather a project
built on top of OSGi is deployed. ? Could you please point me to
appropriate articles upon the same, or share your thoughts on the

   I am using equinox as my framework implementation. I`ve been
reading about equinox headless startup etc. wherein, it runs
daemonized, if
I am not wrong. I am interested in knowing how I could write a simple
java console application and obtain a BundleContext reference to the
running equinox session. Let`s say I want to implement a standalone
utility outside of osgi to
display all installed bundles or invoke a particular service provided by the bundle. How can this be done.?

  Thanks in Advance for your help.!