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Re: [equinox-dev] [prov] removing profile iu properties

The IU profile properties are meant to be scoped by the existence of the IU
in the profile. What that means is that there should never be garbage IU
profile properties since when the IU is removed the associated properties
are as well.
I think what Pascal was getting at is that this is done in the Engine (in
the concrete Profile class). So, in the case of an IU removal the IU
property removal is harmless but redundant.

There are related problem around how (and when) we set both Profile and IU
profile properties. For example take a look at Profile.
setInstallableUnitProperty which has the unfortunate side-affect of adding
the IU if it's not already in the Profile. Another is how Engine.perform
sets Profile properties. These both need to be fixed for release and
probably for M6.

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Looking through ProfileChangeRequest it seems that when an IU is removed,
its associated profile properties are not removed.  What is the usecase for
this?  Seems like it would result in garbage properties being left about.
Would it make sense to have a default API that removed all properties
related to an IU and if there is a scenario where properties should be left
around callers can use a different sequence?

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