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[equinox-dev] [prov] p2 provisioned eclipse missing companion library

Are others having success using p2 to provision an Eclipse where the cache directory is not collocated with the eclipse exe?

I'm running into an issue where despite having what appears to be the right set of software downloaded in the cache, configured in the platform.xml / config.ini, etc., each time I try to run the eclipse.exe, I receive "The eclipse executable launcher was unable to locate its companion launcher jar." In looking through the C code for the launcher, it looks like Eclipse is designed to search for the companion library in the plugins area, located near the exe, or by specifying --launcher.library on the command line. In our eclipse.ini file we drop down next to the exe, I don't see a --launcher.library argument configured. Is this something that should be setup by default in the normal touchpoints? Or, is there a branch of the Eclipse.exe that is designed to work better with p2-style deployments?