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[equinox-dev] Declarative services bug?


Hi –


I think I may have run into a bug with the declarative services implementation (we’re currently using org.eclipse.equinox.ds_0.1.0.v20071022.jar). If I have a .jar on the bundle classpath of my bundle and try to access the classes stored in that .jar while DS is creating my service declared in my XML file then I get a ClassNotFoundException.


For our concrete example, I am trying to create a connection to Weblogic and have the weblogic jars on the classpath of my bundle. My DS XML specifies the class that creates the connection to Weblogic. When I start up my OSGi application, I get a class not found exception for weblogic/jndi/WLInitialContextFactory which is in the wlclient.jar that is on the bundle classpath. If I try to create that connection after the DS service has been created (e.g. in response to a button click) then the class is found just fine.


Has anyone else experienced this?





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