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Re: [equinox-dev] Jetty and commons logging

Alex Blewitt wrote:
Even the update sites aren't helpful. You can't browse to them, and
even when you do (e.g. via a mirror) it's not clear as to which plugin
is stored in which location.

While I agree that there's certainly room for improvement, I don't think it's that bad. You will find most things on the Europa update site (or the Ganymede staging site if you want to be bleeding edge). You can create a target platform suitable for your builds using the current update manager and/or you can make use of the Orbit map files. The structure is not perfect but its definitely usable for automating downloads and builds.

Lastly, there's no metadata available.
Yes there is. You have the site.xml in every update site. All features have a feature.xml and all OSGi bundles have a manifest.mf. Getting to that meta-data can sometimes be a pain since it's embedded but features are most often very small by nature. The manifest.mf is a bit more cumbersome though. A tool that does some caching of what it reads can do a fairly good job of resolving and downloading without wasting too much bandwidth.

- thomas