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[equinox-dev] new delta algorithm and tests

I integrated a simplistic JAR delta optimizer and processor with Stefan's JBdiff stuff and added some tests.  More is needed in the area but this delta is based on comparisons of JAR entries.  The delta is encoded as a JAR containing the changes from the base.   Whole entries that changed are included in the delta.  This is very simple / efficient to compute but will likely produce larger deltas than jbdiff.  Note that since the delta is just  JAR of class files, it too can be packed! ;-)  Anyway, I also enhanced the tests.

One thing that remains is to unify the code.  Turns out that the pack200, jardelta and jbdiff optimizers, processors and tests have a ton of duplicated code.  Much of it is fussy stuff like making sure that streams are closed etc.  This should all be shared.  Stefan, you might want to take a stab at this?  Or I can look at it tomorrow...