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Re: [equinox-dev] [prov] Target Management infrastructure


ECF also has a APIs for remote interaction that are compatible with what the TM folks have/are doing.  e.g. the datashare API, and remote OSGi services API.  See here for those APIs:


We are/have been intending to use the DSDP implementations in various communications areas (e.g. discovery, file transfer, remote service access) as providers of the appropriate, corresponding ECF APIs.  Hopefully, in cooperation with DSDP TM, this will happen this year.


Jeff McAffer wrote:

One of the things that I learned at ESE was that the Target Management folks in DSDP have a number of interesting infrastructure bits for talking to and manipulating remote systems.  Some of these might be interesting for us in implementing bootstrap agents or direct transfer/communications mechanisms.  Martin Oberhuber did an interesting presentation        


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