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Re: [equinox-dev] AOSGi is not recognized after installing features

Hi Oren,

> First, I would like to let you know that AOSGi is functioning on Eclipse
> 3.3.1.

Great to hear!!!

Regarding your problem: What does the OSGi console short status tells you?
Are the AOSGi bundles part of that list?


> Yet, I'm facing a weird problem:
> When I'm adding a feature to Eclipse 3.3.1 (using update manager), after
> restarting Eclipse the AOSGi plug-ins are not recognized (they don't show
> up
> in the installed plug-ins list and of course AOSGi is not functioning).
> This
> happened to me when I tried to add EMF and also Mylin. I tried the -clean
> flag and the problem remains. Moreover, even when restoring the previous
> Eclipse state the problem remains. This happens only when the features are
> added AFTER AOSGi; when AOSGi is added after the features everything works
> fine. any suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Oren
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