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Re: [equinox-dev] De/Serializing IArtifactKey


Maybe there is something reusable from the xstream eliminating work.


Jeff McAffer wrote:

So far the approach has been that ArtifactRepositories and/or processing steps are responsible for defining how descriptors are written.  So, in the delta case, the need to serialize an ArtifactKey is driven by the implementation of the delta processing step.  You should therefor store the needed information any way you want.  Of course, if it turns out that alot of people need to serialize some object then it would be convenient to have this code written once and shared.  For now I suggest you just do whatever works best for (i.e., put it in your bundle and make it work however is best for you) and we can look at consolidation later if needed.

Make sense?


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[equinox-dev] De/Serializing IArtifactKey

For the delta processing steps I need to ´store´ an IArtifactKey into a
string. This artifact key identifies the predecessor used for
I created a simple class performing this serialization and
de-serialization (comma separated list of the properties of IArtifactKey).
What is better?
- Split this De/Serializer class and place the Serializer and the
De-serializer where they are used
- Keep it together (one class) and place in the package
- ..

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