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Re: [equinox-dev] Moving Service Activator Toolkit (SAT) from the Open Healthcare Framework (OHF) to Equinox

On Oct 1, 2007, at 5:18 AM, Peter Kriens wrote:

I am not sure how to bring this without get yelled at, or at least
become disliked even more :-( However, I think the inclusion of SAT in
Equinox requires some strategic considerations. More is not always
better. I hesitate to bring this up because I like what the BandXI people
(and before OTI) have created, and I thought there tutorial on
EclipseCon was really nice. SAT clearly fulfills a need, hearing the many
satisfied customers.

Thank you for the kind words regarding our tutorial at last year's EclipseCon!

Yes, SAT does fulfill a need and we would certainly miss it if it went away. Of course, what we like most about it is that it enables us to focus our development on POJO's - so we can statically test withe ease. While we really focus on the embedded side, we also like the idea that we can reuse our core component models on the server side with an Spring-based OSGi enabler. By loosely coupling our application code with the dependency injection model and maintaining clear lines of delineation, all future paths remain open to us.

Beyond those reasons, I think it does boil down to the comments from Jeff and Pascal - that (1) SAT should be moved to where people would most likely expect to find it and (2) it is not an endorsement by Equinox to make SAT available as a component..it is merely an option. If something better comes along for us, we will expect SAT to evolve or we will move to the better solution. However, SAT has proven robust and mature enough for us to successfully deliver some very complex applications using some very simple development principles that do not invade our application code - in this sense, less is more..and is better for us.

Best regards,

John Cunningham

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