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Re: [equinox-dev] Moving Service Activator Toolkit (SAT) from the Open Healthcare Framework (OHF) to Equinox

Great.  I will request a move review.  Likely it will not happen for a couple weeks because of ESE etc.  In the mean time, if someone wants to look at/use the code they can go to OHF and play as they do today.  I agree with Simon coming on as a committer.


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09/27/2007 08:45 AM

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Re: [equinox-dev] Moving Service Activator Toolkit (SAT) from the        Open        Healthcare Framework (OHF) to Equinox


(ok, I'm not an Equinox committer, but I am
an OHF committer, so I figure I get an unofficial vote)

But also, shouldn't Simon also be voted in as an
Equinox committer along with the SAT code


Patrick Dempsey wrote:
> Currently the Service Activator Toolkit (SAT) in the Open Healthcare
> Framework (OHF) technology project that is of great value to people
> programming OSGi Applications.  SAT is a Java component that simplifies
> the building of OSGi service-oriented bundles. It is approximately 8,000
> lines of Java code. By decreasing the complexity of OSGi bundle
> development, this toolkit provides increased acceptance of OSGi in the
> device community. In addition to making the use of OSGi services easier,
> it supports the creation of well behaved bundles, reducing development
> time, reducing training costs, and promotes consistent bundle behavior.  
> It seems that this technology is somewhat misplaced and it would better
> serve the community if it was part of the Equinox project.
> I propose moving SAT from OHF to Equinox.  As this code is very stable,
> robust and has been previously used in commercial products, I would ask
> that it be reviewed for eligibility for moving in the graduated Equinox
> bundles area, rather than the Equinox Incubator.
> For reference SAT is in cvs at
> :pserver:dev.eclipse.org:/cvsroot/technology
> org.eclipse.ohf/plugins/org.eclipse.soda.sat
> There is also lots of good information (documentations, bug reporting,
> downloads) at
> http://eclipse-sat.blogspot.com/
> Patrick
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