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Re: [equinox-dev] Launcher and fragments

One reason for having the libraries in the fragments is probably just because we couldn't think of a better place to put them. :)

Both the exe and the launcher.jar have a similar kind of relationship to the fragments, however, for the launcher.jar this is an optional dependency.
We just never had a mechanism for describing this relationship from the exe.

Note that there may be a use case to provision the launcher.jar + fragment but not the exe.


Pascal Rapicault/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA
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09/11/2007 10:33 AM

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Re: [equinox-dev] Launcher and fragments

I was not suggesting the creation of an exe bundle to be shipped with the
eclipse SDK. Instead I was trying to define what, in the absolute, these
platform specific bits were really complementary of, and I think they are
really complement of the exe since without these libraries the exe simply
does not work (Somewhat the relationship between the exe and the platform
specific launchers is the same than the relationship between swt and its
fragments). Also, they happen to be used by the launcher.jar in some
particular scenarios, but I would rather see this as an optional dependency
from the launcher.jar onto these platform specific extensions to the exe.

Of course this does not necessarily make sense from an osgi point of view.
However if you put a provisioning hat on, it changes a lot of things, since
you can reason about the dependencies between the exe and the platform
specific launchers in one abstraction. Therefore we would have an
InstallableUnit representing the eclipse.exe. This IU would eagerly require
a "platform specifc launcher" capability that would be provided by the
InstallableUnit representing the platform specific launchers. This way we
are sure that provisioning the eclipse.exe always causes the provisioning
of a fully functional exe. Then the launcher.jar IU would optionally
require a capability provided by the platform specific IUs.


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Both the eclipse.exe and the equinox.launcher bundle may load the native
library in launcher.<os>.<ws>.<arch>. For example when launching
self-hosting, the eclipse.exe is not used. In this case the
equinox.launcher java code loads the shared library. Currently there is no
eclipse.exe bundle, that left us with the equinox.launcher bundle for the
host of the shared library fragments. We could create an equinox.executable
host bundle but I'm not sure what the motivation would be for that since it
would be an empty host that does nothing other than allow the native code
fragment bundles to resolve.


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I'm questioning why the launcher.<os>.<ws>.<arch> bundles are fragments of
the launcher bundle?
If I remember correctly the launcher fragments result from the
reorganization of the eclipse.exe where we tried to make the exe as small
as possible. Therefore it seems to me that the declaration of the platform
specific launcher bundles as fragment of the launcher.jar (formerly
startup.jar) is abusive. However I found weird that we did without a
precise motive. Does anyone remember it?

For me, the platform specific launchers should be "fragment to the


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