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Re: [equinox-dev] [prov] request handler orientation

The current version of ECFHandler (I know it is an early state) does not support setting of internet proxies nor does it handle certificates for trusted communications (client trusts server, server trusts client). I glimpsed at ECF and I saw that it is possible to set a single proxy but I didn´t saw something similar to the ProxySelector (JRE 1.5).
Or what about a solution that delivers updates like torrents do? ECF can do that, but can the current ECFHandler do it?
So my conclusion is that it would be good to have a solution that allow to define request handlers externally.


Jeff McAffer wrote:

looking through the artifact repo code I noticed that the way it is now, MirrorRequests get/are given a RequestHandler and then that is used to do the actual file transfer. Is there a usecase that drives the repo communication policy to be externally defined? That is, is there a reason that the repository object itself should not decide how it is going to talk to the backing store (e.g., server)? For example, MirrorRequest.perform() should just say, IArtifactRepository.getArtifact(key | descriptor | whatever) and get back a stream that it can write into the destination repo.



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