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[equinox-dev] [prov] Shared install

Tim, Andrew,

For records, could you guys write a short wiki describing the various
approaches we talked about to implement shared installs? In a few months
this will help us remember why/or not we've done what we've done :-)

Also , following the call, Simon and I had further discussions and believe
a good approach would be:
 - simple configurator reads the user bundles.txt
 - simple configurator reads the shared bundles txt
 - if the shared bundles.txt has changed, only run with its content (ignore
bundles from the user), since it should be a consistent whole (composed of
the agent / reconciler)
 - then run the reconciler on the running profile (we may need another
operation on the director or something like that). Note here I'm not saying
when it is actually run and this should just be configurable.

Something like that offers the advantage that
- we don't need to have another configurator as we had touched on
- we should always be able to start something
- gives flexibility as to when the reconciliation should be done