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Re: [equinox-dev] [prov] Shared install filesystem layout

* Pascal Rapicault <Pascal_Rapicault@xxxxxxxxxx> [2007-08-10 15:40]:
> - When you use the name "eclipse" in paths, does it refer to the "eclipse"
> product (aka Fedora Eclipse), or to eclipse the ecosystem?

Currently just Fedora Eclipse but it could be extended to be any
eclipse-based application.  We currently have azureus and RSSOwl 1.x so
neither are true RCP apps.  We do symlink to the SDK-provided stuff from
their directories, though.

> - With the separation of platform independent and platform specific code,
> how do you deal with SWT fragments? Do you explode it and spread its
> content into various folders?

Yes, we put the fragment in /usr/lib/eclipse/plugins, the swt plugin
itself in /usr/share/eclipse/plugins, and the .sos are extracted using
the FileInitializer thing and put in the configuration directory.
The DSOs are also symlinked for /usr/lib/eclipse for ease of other apps:

libswt-pi-gtk-3236.so ->

> - Rumors came to my hear that you were sharing jars such as tomcat and
> others, how does that fit in this layout?

The Tomcat jars are part of the tomcat package and symlinked out from
the tomcat plugin lib directory (ie.
-> /usr/share/java/mx4j/mx4j.jar which is owned by the mx4j package.

> - Where would plug-ins downloaded by a specific user go? (Feel free to
> delay the answer to this :-))

I imagine ~/.eclipse somewhere.  They go there now :)  Perhaps
separating the user's preferences and update site-installed plugins
would be a good thing.


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