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Re: [equinox-dev] [prov] Native touchpoint

> Now onto the answers to the questions:
> >This appears to be where install handler equivalent functionality would be
> performed
>       This would only be true if what you were trying to achieve in the
> install handlers were OS level things. Other things may need to be done by
> other touchpoints.

More generally yes, touchpoints can be used in place of install handlers.  In many cases features all contained the same install handler perhaps with a different data file.  Here you can take that install handler, make it into a touchpoint and write an IU that has data for that touchpoint.  This way the "install handler" code is only downloaded once, versioned and managed.

> >Also is Rhino _javascript_ envisioned to be the main scripting mechanism for
> the native touchpoint
>       Currently we have been using rhino for simplicity since java objects
> can just be made scriptable and we did not have to define an input format.
> That said, rhino is big, may be too powerful and could make the
> understanding of configuration scripts hard, therefore it is likely that we
> will try to replace it with something else more declarative. But all that
> is still up for discussion.

touchpoint writers are free to use whatever technology and markup they want.  As Pascal points out, we currently have chosen _javascript_ for the Eclipse and Native touchpoints and while that may remain an option, it we will likely move to a simpler, a more declarative approach.