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Re: [equinox-dev] No available bundle exports package 'javax.swing.event'

What OS are you using? I know that the Mac stores its JVM classes over
two files (classes.jar, ui.jar) so I wonder if that might be relevant

Have you configured access rules for any of the JREs in the workspace?
And is your project dependent on a specifically installed JRE or an
OSGi execution environment?


On 24/07/07, David Leangen <osgi@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Where do you see the error?  In the java code
> file where you import the javax.swing.event
> package or in your bundle MANIFEST.MF file where
> you use Import-Package: javax.swing.event?

In the bundle manifest.

The compilation error means that Eclipse refuses to build my project until I
"fix" it.

> This package should be exported by the system > bundle (org.eclipse.osgi in equinox) when running > on a J2SE-1.2 or higher VM.

That's what I thought.

Using 1.5 currently.

Should I be filing a bug for this, then?

Cheers, David

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