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RE: [equinox-dev] [prov] Is the director a constraint solver

As the Executive Director, I can definitely confirm that the job of a
director is to be a constraint solver :-D

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> Hello,
> Our provisioning system is made of installable units (things that can
> be
> installed by a user). These installable units have "capabilities" and
> "requirements". The capabilities are what satisfy the requirements. The
> installation of an installable unit can only be successful if all the
> "requirements" of this IU are satisfied, and thus recursively.
> Therefore it
> looks like any operation installing, uninstalling, updating, etc is
> equivalent to solving a constraint system.
> That said, the few readings I have done on the topic of CSP seem to
> indicate that the variables, constraints and domains constituting the
> system to be satisfied are fixed. However it seems this approach would
> not
> really work in our case since entities available in the domain may be
> incompatible with each others (for example we could have installable
> unit
> for multiple versions of eclipse in the repository). Therefore, I was
> thinking of a more incremental approach where constraints and variables
> would be added as new elements for the domain are being instantiated,
> but I
> have not seen anything related to that in the literature.
> So here are the questions:
> - Is CSP applicable to this problem?
> - Is there any algorithm that I should take a close look at (note that
> there can be cycles between installable units) ?
> - How scalable are the constraint solvers in presence of tens of
> thousands
> of constraints and variables?
> If you know someone (who know someone)* who can help, please pass it
> on.
> Thanks in advance,
> PaScaL
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