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[equinox-dev] Importing of javax packages

Hi all,

I do some testing with OSGi test cases on equinox
( org.osgi.test.cases.signature.cpeg.jar and
org.osgi.test.cases.signature.mobile.jar) and found that currently
they are some missing imports:

1. org.eclipse.osgi.util does'nt import javax.xml.parsers used from
2. org.eclipse.osgi.services  does'nt import javax.microedition.io
 used from ConnectionFactory and ConnectorService in org.osgi.service.io package

There is no problem test cases to pass if
org.osgi.framework.bootdelegation=* ( see

According to the section 3.8.3 Parent Delegation from OSGi Service Platform
Core Specification Release 4, Version 4.1
"The Framework must always delegate any package that starts with java. to
the parent class loader.".

My personal opinion is that required import must be added to the
corresponding bundles. What do you think?

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