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Re: [equinox-dev] Prosyst contributions

Hi Simon,

I can commit the sources in the CVS. Here are the open issues
that should be resolved prior moving code to the CVS.

1. Naming.
Following the discussion the last proposed naming is:
1.1 org.eclipse.equionx.initialprovisioning
other suggestion: org.eclipse.equionx.ip
1.2 org.eclipse.equionx.ds
other suggestion: org.eclipse.equionx.scr
1.3 org.eclipse.equinox.io
1.4 org.eclipse.equinox.util
1.5 org.eclipse.equinox.wireadmin

2. Replacing. If we use the names org.eclipse.equinox.wireadmin and
org.eclipse.equionx.ds they collide with the current one. Can we replace
the code in the CVS at this stage directly or temporary other names
will be used?

3. javax.microedition.io package
Now it is in Connector services implementation. This is not a good
choice because it is needed only on Java SE VMs. J2ME VMs
contains that package. In our equinox distribution it is a fragment of
the system bundle that is installed only on Java SE VMs.
But initially we can put it inside the connector implementation.


SK> Hi,

SK> Is there anything holding back moving the Prosyst contributions into CVS?
SK> It looks good to go from an IPZilla point of view.
SK> Although less trendy than Declarative Services implementation I'm wanting
SK> to start looking at Initial Provisioning and it would facilitate things if
SK> I could look at this stuff directly in CVS.
SK> Can anyone provide an update?

SK> -Simon

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