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AW: [equinox-dev] Finding a running instance

Hi Thomas,

There is a upcoming open source project Nyota. Nyota focuses a solution for "remote" OSGi Services. A mechanism for service discovery is also planned. We develop Nyota for communication within a distributed RCP application. We call this approach Smart Client - includes also "smart" servers. Nyota is available as EPL 1.0.

I am not sure what your requirement are exactly. For me that sounds liked automatic detecting and discovery like p2p. Is it so?

Currently we are working to release the first public preview of Nyota 0.4.0. Please, look forward to next Thursday to 2007/05/07 (CET) then the open source website for Nyota becomes published. Really it is a first preview :-).

May be Nyota could helpful for your requirements or could be a basis. Everybody can try out. Feedback to Nyota team are wellcome. 



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Betreff: [equinox-dev] Finding a running instance

we have a use-case where one app based on the Eclipse runtime would like 
to discover other running applications, also based on the Eclipse 
runtime, on the same machine. Does the Equinox OSGi layer contain some 
kind of discovery mechanism that would make this possible? If not, does 
anyone know of other projects that might have a solution or work in 
progress to solve this?

Thomas Hallgren

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