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Re: [equinox-dev] How much effort has gone into developing Equinox

Also take into consideration the amount of time put into developing
the OSGi spec itself, and not just a particular implementation.  The
OSGi spec has been in continuous development since 1998.  Take a look
at Peter Kriens' review of JSR-277 (Java Module System), which is
bypassing the OSGi spec and attempting to solve the same fundamental
problem from scratch:


On 6/15/07, Cameron Ross <cross@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I'm building a case for using Equinox as opposed to in-house development of
a plugin framework.  Can someone given a reasonable estimate as to how many
person hours have gone into the development of Equinox?  Also, are there any
estimates as to the number of Equinox installations that there are out there
(i.e. deployment footprint)?  This information would help to support my
arguments for using Equinox.

Thanks much,
Cameron Ross
President, Symboticware
Program Lead, Interoperable Systems, MIRARCO

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