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Re: [equinox-dev] [prov] Some provisioning changes released

A few weeks ago I have encountered a similar exception. However, after
getting the latest code from HEAD, verifyiing / tweaking my launch config
it worked again... hth

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Hmm. I picked up your changes and Pascal's. I regenerated the metadata.
When I attempt to install (an SDK) I get  a number of
InvalidSyntaxExceptions in FilterImpl$Parser:

FilterImpl$Parser.parse_attr() line: 1627

                        if (length == 0) {
                                throw new InvalidSyntaxException(NLS.bind
(Msg.FILTER_MISSING_ATTR, String.valueOf(pos)), filterstring);

when,  for example, the filter string is


and the message is

        Missing attr at character 3

and the iu being processed is

         org.eclipse.rcp.featureIU 3.3.0.v20070405a-8w8eDpEbsN3KkG_gP8JZLGb

similar for platform.featureIU with filter string

        (&((&(osgi.ws=win32))) ((version>=3.2.100.I20070319-0010)))

The problem appears to be with the handling of the compound conjunction. A
version filter only or an expression like


parses without exception.

Bugzilla reveals 3 bugs matching FilterImpl, none for this behavior. Is it
a bug or is this type of expression not supported.

        - Dave

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                                                 [equinox-dev] [prov] Some 
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I released a couple of small to the provisioning incubator:

- New local metadata repository. If you create a metadata repository
pointing to a local file system directory, it will traverse the directory
in search of "content.xml" files, and aggregate them together. This makes
it easier to cobble together metadata from various places without creating
multiple metadata repositories

- To allow for experimenting with groups that define filters, I added some
bits to the feature parser so that features can define extra filters on
their imports and includes. If you run a feature with filters through the
metadata generatory, they get turned into filters on the
RequiredCapability. This was simpler than hand-crafting filter-enabled
groups manually._______________________________________________
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