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[equinox-dev] Recommendation for non-compliant PDE...


The PDE bug that disallow exported subclasses to extend from
non-exported internal classes is getting on my nerve. The internal
superclass is something I insist of not exporting, since it is
something we don't want to support, and users are demanding that we do
so because otherwise their code doesn't compile in PDE.

What does the Equinox community recommend? Do the wrong thing and
export the internal classes as a compile-time work-around, or what? I
don't use Eclipse, and don't have a problem myself, and it annoys the
crap out of me to give into these kinds of demands, when the tooling
is crappy...

Any ideas of what one should do?

(Mind you this is not a problem in Equinox, only the PDE.)

Cheers Niclas