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Re: [equinox-dev] New Update Manager UI: Your Thoughts

What is "trust". Could anyone describe how this is "defined", how a
particular site get "trust"?

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A few thoughts on server-side equinox provisioning issues ...

      Equinox would be installed with a list of trusted update sites.
      Trusted sites should be able to add more trusted sites.
      A license may not required to be accepted from trusted sites: could
      be a flag on the site definition.
      Automatic updates could be performed on a schedule from trusted
      sites, requiring no UI at all.
      Restarts should be avoided whenever possible.
      Sometimes we do not want to update a plug-in/bundle, we want two
      versions if the same one installed.
            This could possibly be done automagically. If a bundle to be
            updated has another bundle that depends on its version, then it
            stays and the new version is also installed.
            Would need some way to detect what bundles are no longer
            required. These are bundles that are no longer referenced.

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