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[equinox-dev] new provisioning console commands

I added some stuff to the provisioning console.  See the help for details.  Basically there were two changes.
- new "provlg" (list groups) command. This lists all the "group IU" (that is IUs that have the group capability).  I'm not completely happy with this setup (there could be lots of capabilities of interest) but groups seem particularly of interest for installing etc.  This dovetails nicely with the new feature->group metadata generator...

- several of the list commands now allow for filtering by taking an optional IU id and version *range*.  For example:
        provliu * * [3.3, 4.0)   = list all IUs in all metadata repos that have version 3.3 (inclusive) upto 4.0 (not inclusive)
        provlp this org.eclipse.foo 1.0   = list all org.eclipse.foo IUs in this profile that have version 1.0 or greater

The version range syntax is a bit of a bummer as 1.0 => 1.0 to infinity not 1.0 exactly (which would be [1.0, 1.0]).  We can work on this for ease of use.