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[equinox-dev] VOTE: new committers

<note> this is a mass mailing to vote in 4 new committers to the Equinox Incubator rather than spaming the world with individual messages and replies </note>

We are lucky to have two new organizations showing up to participate significantly in key parts of the Equinox effort.  First there is Prosyst, a long time OSGi member and framework vendor.  They recently joined the Eclipse Foundation and have contributed implementations of 4 OSGi services that we were missing (there was a vote on accepting them some time ago).  The contributions, once they are through the IP process, will go into the Equinox Incubator.  Pavlin Dobrev and Teodor Todorov from Prosyst have agreed to drive the code to release form and graduation into the Equinox Bundles component.  To facilitate this work, I propose making them committers in the Equinox Incubator.

The other front is security.  The folks in IBM Lotus have long been interested in security work and have agreed to contribute their support for Java Cryptography Architecture (JCA) implementations from bundles and a login framework based on Java Authenication and Authorization Service (JAAS).  In particular, Matt Flaherty and Eric Li are the original authors of these features and have agreed to drive them from incubation to graduation/release in Equinox.  Further to that they have been contributing to the bundle signature verification/validation effort and actively investigating the applicability and use of Java 2 permissions to manage bundle execution.  Again, to facilitate this work, I propose making them committers in the Equinox Incubator.

Please cast your votes here
Pavlin Dobrev                :
Teodor Todorov        :
Matt Flaherty                :
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