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Re: [equinox-dev] J2SE in OSGi

Thx for answering,

yes i did import the javax.xml.parses package in the imported packages sections of the manifest file.
At the moment I try to install the bundle which is using the package, the OSGi framework says
"the packages could not be found in the framework" its the same for javax.swing !
Do i have to import these packages first ? And if yes, how ?


BJ Hargrave schrieb:
Did you import that javax.xml.parsers package that contains the DocumentBuilderFactory class? In OSGi you must import all packages other than java.* package in your bundle's manifest.

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[equinox-dev] J2SE in OSGi

Hi i`am very new to OSGi !

So I have several questions to ask ;)

Here is one of it: It is possible to use all J2SE classes in OSGi, for example the DocumentBuilderFactory class from the package javax.xml !
So is there any restriction of using J2SE functionalities in OSGi. If not, how can I use the DocumentBuilderFactory class for example, I tried
it but i didn`t work.



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