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[equinox-dev] Call for presentations for OSGi Community Event 26-27 June in Munich

The OSGi organizes a community event on the 26 and 27th of June. We
are looking for interesting presentation about the use of OSGi
technology. This can be a technical talk (though the audience must be
able to follow it) about the technology itself as well as a talk how
OSGi is used in a specific domain. I know how many exciting things are
being done with OSGi technology; believe me, what you do with the OSGi
service platform can be very interesting for other people.

Presentations can be a lightning talk (10 minutes) or a technical
presentation of 30 minutes. Please indicate your favorite.

The event is in Munich and will be hosted by Siemens. It will be a
very interesting event, if you have an interest in OSGi, it will be
wise to come. Adjacent to the community event there will be an OSGi EG
meeting day. Several sessions during that day will be run as a
requirements session, which means that external participation is

If you are interested in giving a talk, please reply to me
Peter.Kriens@xxxxxxxx with a short abstract and bio. We will let you
know before the end of next week when your presentation is

Hope to be overwhelmed by submissions!

Kind regards,

   Peter Kriens

Peter Kriens                              Tel +33467542167
9C, Avenue St. Drézéry                    AOL,Yahoo: pkriens
34160 Beaulieu, France                    ICQ 255570717
Skype pkriens                             Fax +1 8153772599