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Re: [equinox-dev] Where to start framework? abrupt exit


I tried dling the RCP for 3.3 and following the instructions given below. The framework seems to start but then it abruptly quits without my being able to enter anything into the console's prompt.

there are no log files generated in the configuration directory so i am unable to see if there's an error.

i tried running it with the "-debug" option and it all seems to load with no exceptions. i get "Time to load bundles: xx" and then the prompt, then a second later it just quits.

i've tried running this with the eclipse.exe executable and the same thing happens, only, as expected, the executable spawns a new console window ... at least under win32 this is the case.

any help is appreciated. my goal is to get a minimal version of the framework running because i would like to investigate porting an instrument control server onto the osgi framework. the instruments are for carbon vapor deposition nanotube synthesis systems. the reason i mention this is that if anyone has had any experience with instrument control and automation in a lab environment using osgi i'd like to hear about it, and specifically, i'd like to hear about how well device management and the concept of devices maps to instruments like mass flow controllers, pressure pumps, heating elements, io boards, etc over serial, modbus, and ethernet channels.



Thomas Watson wrote:
The quickstart guide needs to be updated for 3.3 M5. You should use the org.eclipse.equinox.launcher to launch the framework in this case. The following directory structure should work:

                 /plugins/ ...

Then you should be able to launch with:

java -jar plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.launcher_xxx.jar -console -configuration configuration

You could also get the eclipse.exe from M5 and put that in the eclipse folder and launch using that:

eclipse -console -configuration configuration


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[equinox-dev] Where to start framework?


I am new to equinox and started with the quickstart guide on eclipse-equinox-SDK-3.3M5.zip. i tried the command:

java -jar org.eclipse.osgi_xxx.jar -console but added the plugins/ suffix to the jar file and it ran fine.

Then I tried using common and org.eclipse.update.configurator (again, from an 3.3M5 eclipse zip) by adding the osgi.bundle lines in the quickstart and puttin the org.eclipse.update.configurator_xxx.jar into the plugins dir. i put the config.ini file into configuration. my directory now looks like this:


i am in c:/eclipse and i started the framework like this:

java -jar plugins/org.eclipse.osgi_xx.jar -console -configuration configuration

it starts up and the 3 bundles (framework, common, configurator) are active but nothing else. and when i try the "bundles" command i don't see the additional bundles (logging, etc) installed. i checked the log and i see this entry:

!ENTRY org.eclipse.update.configurator 2007-02-23 00:14:50.703
!MESSAGE C:\eclipse\plugins\plugins is not a valid plugins directory.

in the quickstart it says that the configurator will discver and install bundes in the plugins dir beside the equinox jar. so, besides cding into the plugins dir, is there another way to run from the base dir and have it discover the plugins dir from there?

thanks in advance for your help.


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