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Re: [equinox-dev] app model demo

I updated the wiki (see http://wiki.eclipse.org/index.php/Equinox_Demos#Application_Model).  I spent some time creating a UI front end.  Its nothing fancy but it seems to work good enough.  I did not spend any time making the console commands any better.  I don't want to spend any more time on this demo right now.

TODOs after EclipseCon

- make app console commands more user friendly
- provide instructions for running on foundation.


Jeff McAffer <Jeff_McAffer@xxxxxxxxxx>
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02/28/2007 04:04 PM

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Re: [equinox-dev] app model demo

Tom Watson wrote on 02/28/2007 09:32:49 AM:

> Wow Jeff, I'm surprised you got it working with no instructions!!  I
> was working on some instructions earlier this week and they all got
> lost when I went to save them on the wiki.  Unfortunately I was not
> smart enough to copy a backup, I was working directly on the wiki
> page (I will never do that again!!) and when I went to save it
> somehow wiped out the whole demo page.  No matter what I did I could
> not get back to my new content.  I had to go to history to restore
> the previous version of the page without my new content.
> See more comments below
> Tom.
> equinox-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 02/27/2007 10:37:33 PM:
> >
> > I was just playing with the app model demo code. It may not be
> > complete but here is what I observed.
> >
> > - Way cool!
> > - the launch config when loaded into my workspace seemed to include
> > all the bundles in my workspace.  The option to "add new workspace
> > plugins..." should be deselected.
> I will fix this.
> > - The launch config is setup to use a Foundation 1.0 JRE if
> > available.  I indeed to have one but using the launch config does
> > not work because hte javax.xml related packages were not found.  
> > there likely needs to be a parser supplied somewheere and the
> > appropriate system properties set to direct the framework what
> > classes to bind as the XML services.  I changed the JRE to be 1.5
> > and all worked fine.
> Foundation 1.0 would likely work if we installed a parser bundle,
> but for the demo I will just use 1.4.2 or higher.

Can you put up instructions of rhow to run this on Foundation?

> > - We need a set of instructions on the Equinox Demos wiki
> >         http://wiki.eclipse.org/index.php/Equinox_Demos
> See comments above !! :(
> > - as a point of demo-ability it would be good if the various console
> > commands like startApp and stopApp took short forms of the
> > application ids.  Basically do an indexof over the set of available
> > apps (e.g., inactive or active ones as appropriate) with the given
> > app id fragment.  If there is only one, act on it, if there are
> > more, bail and report ambiguity.  That way you could say "startApp paint"
> I was looking into providing a small jface/swt front end to drive
> the apps It should be simple to do, correct?  But I am ignorant when
> it comes to UI programming (I would love to learn, but may not have
> the time).  Do you think using the console to drive the apps is good
> enough for this demo?

Console is definitely good enough. Actually I'm thinking it is even better.  feels retro but new at the same time :-)

> > - It seems that you need to have the runtime bundle (and its
> > attendant prereqs) in the launch config for the app model bundle to
> > start.  Otherwise the app bundle is left in starting state.  Ideally
> > users could simply install the app bundle and its prereqs (is the
> > registry even really needed?)  So the question is, what is the
> > minimal configuration that allows for MEG applications to be run and
> > then what is the recommended/simple configuration.
> I can setup an equinox launcher or use a custom config.ini with the
> minimal set of bundles.  This will give us the control to start the
> app model bundle without org.eclipse.core.runtime.  In full eclipse
> platform org.eclipse.core.runtime is started and it ensures the org.
> eclipse.equinox.app bundle gets started.   The registry is
> definately needed because the eclipse application container
> registers ApplicationDescriptor services based on extensions of the
> org.eclipse.core.runtime.applications extension point.

Ok on the registry.  Some configuration that does not include the runtime (and its prereqs would be cool)  I could not get that to wokr.

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