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[equinox-dev] app model demo

I was just playing with the app model demo code. It may not be complete but here is what I observed.

- Way cool!
- the launch config when loaded into my workspace seemed to include all the bundles in my workspace.  The option to "add new workspace plugins..." should be deselected.
- The launch config is setup to use a Foundation 1.0 JRE if available.  I indeed to have one but using the launch config does not work because hte javax.xml related packages were not found.  there likely needs to be a parser supplied somewheere and the appropriate system properties set to direct the framework what classes to bind as the XML services.  I changed the JRE to be 1.5 and all worked fine.
- We need a set of instructions on the Equinox Demos wiki
- as a point of demo-ability it would be good if the various console commands like startApp and stopApp took short forms of the application ids.  Basically do an indexof over the set of available apps (e.g., inactive or active ones as appropriate) with the given app id fragment.  If there is only one, act on it, if there are more, bail and report ambiguity.  That way you could say "startApp paint"
- It seems that you need to have the runtime bundle (and its attendant prereqs) in the launch config for the app model bundle to start.  Otherwise the app bundle is left in starting state.  Ideally users could simply install the app bundle and its prereqs (is the registry even really needed?)  So the question is, what is the minimal configuration that allows for MEG applications to be run and then what is the recommended/simple configuration.